Feeling exhausted, even when you wake up ? Are you less productive at work?

If so, then you’re probably experiencing corporate burnout.

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  • Feeling exhausted, even when you wake up
  • Things that used to give you pleasure or happiness don’t any more
  • You are less productive at work (you are present but really absent -known as presenteeism)
  • Emotionally unavailable at home
  • Self medicating with alcohol or drugs to unwind
  • You feel helpless about taking action
  • Unrealistic work demands with little time off
  • Being bullied in the workplace
  • Unhealthy lifestyle (not getting enough sleep, drinking too much, poor diet, little exercise)
  • Conflicting demands in your private life ( elationship problems, caring for a relative)
  • Longterm job insecurity
  • Lack of rewards i.e. promotion, financial, personal encouragement
Identify the cause

Finding out the cause will inform making changes, gaining insight and improving mood.

Your sessions will focus on practical and the cognitive strategies for stopping burnout (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

We start by looking at what is in your control and what is out of your control. The aim is to provide you with the support to take the steps that you have wanted to take for awhile.

Feeling confident enough to do that often takes time, insight and possibly healing.

The goal is to reconnect with the work you do, the people you care about and the life you want.

Get in touch with meaning

For some people, getting in touch with meaning and purpose will be an important part of feeling content and motivated. These clients often make significant improvement with Acceptence and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Positive Psychology. There is significant and building evidence that both models can be effective in improving resilience and mental fitness.

Emily Scanlan has extensive training in both approaches and is a Senior Associate at the Positive Psychology Institute.

For more on corporate burnout read:

“I hate the job I loved” by Psychologist, Emily Scanlan.

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